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Using credit cards while investing your dollars – Steps to follow l Zimbio


Today’s generation is entirely dependent on credit cards and they even use it for investment purposes. If you too are someone who uses credit cards for investment, you should exercise total control on them because there are too many chances of them getting misused. The value of the credit card can easily be used to be converted to cash with which you can start off with a new account or make changes in the existing account. The cost that you need to pay for credit cards will be above the average return of bonds and stocks. Here are some steps that you may take to invest with credit cards.
Apply for the credit cards: The first step to take is to apply for a credit card and it would certainly be better if you could choose one with a low introductory fee. You might also make sure that the ability to make cash advance payments is also allowed. The cash advances will always result in interest charges irrespective of the balance of the card.
Create a brokerage account: Then you might open a brokerage account, the online one in which the fees and the minimum account limitations are low enough. You can even consider opening a margin account only when you want to use the money that you’re borrowing from your credit card. You should always remember that if you open a margin account and the account value depreciates, you’ll have additional funds within it.
Transfer money to the brokerage account: It isn’t possible to trade the account until your check has been cleared by the brokerage account. Ensure that you use margin only when the security has appreciated in value. When you sell off the securities, there will be no cash available for the next two days.
Monitor your account: You should also monitor the account and have a fixed plan regarding repaying the debt when the stock doesn’t respond much. Buy bonds only when you anticipate a decline in the interest rates so that you may be able to sell off the bonds only during an increase in value.
Roll over your card if you get lower rates: When you see that cheaper rates are available on credit cards, you can roll over the balance. Just make sure that the introductory period of the new card is long enough so that you get enough time to transfer the balance to the new card. Read the fine print to avoid any kind of mistakes.
Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can use credit cards for investment, you can take the above mentioned points into account.

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